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Digicel 4G FAQ

What is 4G?


4G is the fastest mobile data network available in Barbados. It allows you to wirelessly connect to the internet, email and other web based applications from your smart phone or via a Digicel wireless modem.

4G provides you with a seamless data network at speeds faster than any other mobile broadband provider and comparable to most home broadband options.

Digicel network is branded 4G because it features elite HSPA+ technology, which is faster than 3G. For you, this means much more data at higher speeds!

The difference is:


Download faster than ever before.


Harness elite 4G technology.


Easily work with large files from your cell phone or laptop.


4G is available in select areas.


With 4G Digicel offers more value for your money


What happens if I move in and out of 4G coverage area?

Not to worry, we still have a fully functioning 2G network running parallel to our 4Gnetwork. Your device will automatically connect to the available GPRS/EDGE network until the 4G network is available. The switch between networks is seamless.

How does this work?

4G works with any Digicel 3G / 4G enabled smart phone, laptop and computer to allow you to enjoy the fastest download, upload and browsing speeds available over any mobile data network.

Who can activate the 4G?

All Digicel prepaid and postpaid customers with a 3G / 4G enabled handset have access to this service.

Are corporate customers eligible for the service?

Yes.  ALL Digicel customers including Corporate are eligible for the service.

What are the benefits of activating 4G?

4G provides you with speeds equivalent to your home broadband at a much more reasonable price with the benefit of being able to access the web from anywhere on the island.

Where can I sign up for 4G?

Visit our website at and access the Self Care Portal with your name, phone number, and e-mail address and choose your preferred 4G data plan

Access the online Data Calculator (once available), which will help determine how much data you will use monthly, and choose the corresponding plan.

New customers: May also check their data needs using the data calculator (once available), but must visit a Digicel stores, to sign up for a mobile data plan.

Do I need to have credit to access the self care portal?

No you don’t need to have credit on your account to access and make use of the Self Care Portal.

What is Mobile Broadband?

Mobile broadband (MBB) is the name used to describe various types of wireless high-speed internet access through a portable modem, telephone or other device. As a Digicel customer, mobile broadband is connecting via your 3G / 4G enabled phone or wireless modem to our 4G network.

Do I need a landline to use mobile broadband?

No landline is needed to access Digicel mobile broadband. You just need your computer, a Digicel modem and a 4G Internet plan to get started. For cellular phone users, you need a 3G / 4G enabled phone and a 4G data plan to get started.

Is the USB Modem locked to the Digicel network?

Yes. The device is locked to our network. However, if you request for roaming to be turned on, your USB modem will function on other networks where Digicel has roaming agreements.

Can I share my USB modem connection with another laptop?

That depends on the kind of modem you are using. If you are using the USB modem, you may transfer your connection from laptop to laptop. In this scenario, only one laptop is connected at a time.

If you are using the WiFi modem, you can use your modem as a router and provide wireless internet connection to four other devices (laptop, desktop, smartphone, game console, etc.) in addition to the connected device. In this scenario, all five devices must be in the same vicinity. Please note, performance may be affected by concrete walls, distance from towers and number of users.

Do I need a 4G SIM card in Barbados?

Existing customers: Once you sign up for a 4G data plan for your smartphone, your existing SIM card will work perfectly fine with our 4G network. When you sign up for a 4G data plan for a USB modem, you  can be issued with a data only service for your Dongle.

New customers: All new customers will be issued a Digicel 4G SIM card.

Can I use my USB modem while roaming?

Digicel USB modems are preset to block international data roaming. This is to protect you from international roaming charges which can quickly amount. However, if you wish to activate roaming on your USB modem, simply contact customer care on 467 7000 or 100 from your Digicel mobile handset.

Please note that while roaming, the speed you get will depend on the speed offered by the network you are roaming on and that roaming costs are an additional charge to your monthly 4G data plan subscription.

You will be billed per MB while roaming and the cost per MB will be set by the roaming operator. When using your Mobile Broadband abroad, any usage will not come out of your bundled MB.

Bill Shock: in order to protect you we have set the data limit for roaming. Once you have reached this limit you will be blocked from operating more data and you will be directed to our self care portal.

How will I be charged while roaming?

The 4G/GPRS rates charged while roaming will be set as per the roaming operator. Please refer to the data roaming charges specific to your destination.

How are the data roaming charges calculated?

You will be billed per MB while roaming and the cost per MB will be set by the roaming operator.

 How do I track my usage?


From your phone:                        

Dial the USSD Code *120*131#

You can also check your usage regularly on our ‘Self Care’ site: where you will find your usage and summary of charges.

From your computer (PC or Mac):

You can check your usage regularly on our ‘Self Care’ site:  where you will find your usage and summary of charges.

How will I know if I’ve gone over my usage allowance?

You can check your usage regularly on the Digicel Self Care website listed above. Go to the section ‘Usage’ and your usage will be dated and labeled.

How do I register for Self Care?

To obtain your login credentials, please register your mobile number on the self care portal to access your usage for your Digicel Mobile Phone of USB Modem.

The Self Care section of the website allows you to track the usage on your Digicel USB modem.

Are there any additional rules or costs involved?

All plans are in local currency: BDS $

For all prepaid plans, bundle rates are inclusive of VAT (17.5%)

For the postpaid plans, regular VAT applies (17.5%)

Out of the bundled quota, a regular rate of BDS$ 0.10 per MB applies. After reaching the FUP quota, the speed will be reduced to 128 kbps. At launch all plans will have a FUP of 10 GB per calendar month, specific FUP’s will be implemented after launch

No rollover of unused data into the new period

For roaming outside Barbados, regular data roaming rates apply

What is the overage rate?

·         Overage rate is 0.30 ( 0.15 cents US) per MB


How does the customer check their usage?

·         For prepaid/postpaid via the handset subscribers are asked to dial *120*131# or view the Self Care Portal.


What is the address for accessing information on 4G?