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Voicemail FAQ

Digicel is pleased to inform you of our easy to use voicemail service, recently upgraded and open to all of our customers.  This system offers the convenience of larger storage space, increased security features, missed call alerts and more.

We automatically upgraded all of our customers to this new system .  This new system is supported by completely new technology and as a result you will have to re-record a personal greeting for your voicemail box.

Below are some useful tips for using your new voicemail:

How to record a greeting

  1. Dial 123
  2. Select 3 from your menu options and then follow the voice prompts.
  3. When recording your greeting, you should speak clearly into your handset’s mouthpiece.  It is best to choose a quiet location to record your greeting to avoid background noises in the final recording.
  4. We recommend that in your greeting, you ask that the caller leaves a name and contact number so you would know how to reach them

How to set your password

For security purposes we encourage you to set a password for your voicemail.  In addition, you will be prompted to enter a password if you try to access your voicemail while roaming or if you try to dial into your mailbox from a landline.

  1. Dial 123
  2. Select 4 from the menu option.
  3. From the next menu you hear, select Option 2
  4. Then press 1 to set a new password

How to access your Voicemail while roaming*

  1. Dial 1 246 260 0000 from your handset
  2. If prompted to enter your mailbox number, dial your mobile number (10 digits, eg. 246 xxx xxxx)
  3. Enter your password

How to access your Voicemail from a landline

  1. Dial 260 0000 from the landline (if overseas, dial 1 246 260 0000)
  2. If prompted to enter your mailbox number, dial your mobile number (10 digits, eg. 246 xxx xxxx)
  3. Enter your password

How to prioritise your message delivery

New to the upgraded voicemail platform is the feature where you can make your message the first message that the person you are calling hears when they log into their voicemail.  To do this:

  1. When you have finished recording your message, press #
  2. When prompted, select 3 for the Delivery Options menu
  3. Select Option 1 to set the time you want the message to be delivered
  4. Then, select Option 2 to set the status of the message

Important note

*Calls deposited in your mailbox while you are roaming are treated as incoming calls and are charged at the per minute roaming rate.  To avoid these charges, we recommend that you contact Customer Care before you leave the island and have your voicemail service suspended for the duration of your trip.